Last night’s #EatWhatYouWantDay escapades had me trying @Pincho’s Quesadilla Burger. No, your eyes are not deceiving you: the buns are cheese quesadillas. And it actually works! It’s topped with guac, queso fresco, tomatoes, and crema. Since the buns are not just simple tortillas, but 2 flour tortillas with melted cheese in the middle, they support the weight of the burger well and are not floppy like a single tortilla would be. It’s actually an ingenious idea. The quesadilla “buns” were not cooked too much, so they were still soft, but just enough to get the cheese inside melted and the 2 tortillas fused together. The toppings reminded me of a Mexican restaurant akin to those you would put on a taco or a quesadilla. Everything in this burger just works. The flavors meld well together to create a magnificently delicious burger. Some may be hesitant, but trust me, it was great. MJ ended up taking the burger from me since she liked it so much. #spideylikesburgers #pinchopartner #burgerlife

The @Tap42Bar Short Rib Sliders are surprisingly filling. They look like 2 small sliders but they’re packed with meaty goodness. The patties are thick, resembling a meatball more than a hamburger, though the flavor is all burger. The blend they use is very tasty and is the same as in their classic burger. The difference, though, are the toppings: braised short rib, cheddar, & dijonnaise. And what a difference they make. I love their classic burger, yet these toppings are so good, I may order their classic burger next time with a side of short rib and dijonnaise. #spideylikesburgers #burgerlife #tap42

Late night fried chicken sando run. Tried the new @McDonalds Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich in my quest for fried chicken sandwich greatness. It was a good sandwich and definitely an improvement on their regular one (love that new potato bun). From this first tasting, I wouldn’t say it’s at the top of my fast-food fried chicken sandwich list. Will I give them another chance? Of course. I plan to try the Deluxe and non-spicy versions next. #spideylikesfriedchicken #friedchickensandwich

@EatSTK Wagyu Burger: $7.99 Not having to drive to Miami Beach: Priceless If you haven’t tried the the Wagyu Burger at STK, I understand you because I don’t make it to Miami Beach that often. But I just discovered that they only offer it as a takeout and delivery special and it’s on @UberEats. The $7.99 price includes fries and is a steal for the quality of burger you’re getting. And, it’s only at that price for takeout/delivery. You can’t order it at the restaurant, at least for this price. The burger itself was a 7oz Wagyu beef patty that was cooked a perfect medium temperature and was pink throughout. It has a special truffle sauce which is really good. It comes with the standard LTO, but I took them out as this burger didn’t need them IMO (some onions may have remained stuck to the brioche bun). I did add bacon (extra $3) and was glad I did because it was a slab of juicy, thick-cut bacon that was very flavorful. #spideylikesburgers #wagyuburger #trufflesauce #burgerdelivery

Ever had a cheesburger? Of course you have! But what about a cheeseburger pizza? When @BurgerBeast mentioned @Dominos had a cheeseburgers pizza and that it was pretty good, I knew I had to try it. I had previously tried another chain’s attempt and was disappointed as it tasted@just like a regular pizza with different toppings. My expectations were low, but @Dominos pleasantly surprised me. They nailed the cheeseburger flavor perfectly. It’s probably because of the ketchup & mustard sauce, and the toppings which mimic what a cheeseburger actually has: beef, American cheese, onions, & tomatoes. The sauce and the American cheese are the crucial toppings, IMO, that really convince you it’s a cheeseburger in pizza form. Oh, I also tried the the taco pizza and it was also ridiculously like a taco. I got that one with the crispy thin crust to better resemble a crunchy taco. All the flavors were on point. Great job #DominosPizza! And thanks for the rec, Sef. 👏🏼👏🏼 #spideylikesburgers #spideylikespizza #cheeseburgerpizza #mindblown🤯 #dominos

Vaca Frita Grilled Cheese type of Friday. @Pincho’s 16 hour braised beef is at the heart of this beautiful story. It’s a grilled cheese, so Provolone steps up to assume the role of a lifetime. The red onion mojo, tomato, and smashed avocado are all excellent supporting actors. They made the beef and cheese shine. They lived their best life. Then I ate them. The End. Post credits scene: the guava cheesecake was the killer ending. #spoileralert #grilledcheesesandwich #pinchopartner #notaburger #sandwichesofinstagram

When it’s 305 day and El Crispy is on special, you run to @Pincho to get one (or two). If you’re a fan of fried chicken sandwiches, El Crispy is a local version crafted right here in the 305 by the @Pincho family. You can get up to 2 for only $3.05 today. If you like a little bit of heat, get the Spicy version with their spicy Pincho sauce (aka spicy flamingo tears). Can’t decide? Order one of each. That’s what I’m doing. #spideylikesfriedchicken #305day #friedchickensandwich #supportlocalbusinesses #madeinthe305