Unique take on the classic chicken & waffles by @coopmiami was 🔥 To start, it was made into a handheld by using the waffles as buns. Genius! The waffles were savory cheddar waffles. And the perfectly fried chicken breasts were topped with pickled onions and pepper jelly. The pièce the résistance was the sweet & sumptuous Whiskey maple syrup that tied all the flavors together nicely. It wasn’t spicy, but the pepper jelly did add a little heat. Not a lot, but enough to make it interesting. You can find Coop inside of the @miamarketmiami food hall in the @miamidesigndistrict. #spideylikesfriedchicken #supportlocalbusinesses #miamifoodhall #friedchickenandwaffles #whiskeymaplesyrup #comfortfoodie

Best burger in the world? That’s a tough claim to live up to but that’s what @LaBirraBarUSA says about their burgers. This is their fried onion burger (with lots of onions) and it was pretty good. You could tell the ingredients were fresh and the patties were hand made. Would I call it the “best burger in the world”? No, but it is a tasty, good quality burger. I’ve had better burgers in Miami before (e.g. @ProofMiami, @PinchMiami, @LokalCoconutGrove, @Ariete, just to name a few). What do you think? Let me know if you’ve tried it or your favorite burger in the comments below. 👇

These beauties from @TheFoodTruckStore.US brought out the beast in me. Devoured them and even licked my fingers. I first heard about @RodoCamara from @MotzBurger’s feed and seeing his visits to @TheFoodTruckStore in Argentina. And, you can clearly see and taste Motz’s influence in the Oklahoma burger (swipe to see it). It was a simple burger with onions, 2 smashed beef patties, & American cheese between @potatorolls. But the taste, oh the taste, was amazing! The meat blend they use is very flavorful and seasoned very well. The 1st burger pictured was also very good and was topped with bacon, caramelized onions, BBQ, American cheese, and pulled pork. My favorite was the Oklahoma, though. Simple burgers really are the best burgers. Fun fact: George Motz’s record for the most burgers smashed in a day, 1466 burgers, was accomplished at the Buenos Aires location and has yet to be broken. #spideylikesburgers #burgerlife #miamiburgers #smashburger #onionburger #burgerliscious #burgerpic #burgerphotography